Hydraulic fracturing has revolutionized the industry and facilitated massive production growth in oil and gas shale basins throughout the U.S.  A critical component of the fracking process is the heating of water that is combined with chemicals and sand and injected into a well under heavy pressure in order to fracture rock and release hydrocarbons.  A single well will consume from two to eight million gallons of water in a frack program, and it is imperative that the heating service be performed accurately and on time. We are a trusted provider of heated water supporting gel and slick water fracks for many of the nation’s largest producers. We have a large, modern fleet, with 80 units deployed in basins across the U.S., some capable of generating up to 50 million BTUs. We are known for reliable, round-the-clock service delivery in the harshest of environments. Our focus on optimal water heating translates to improved efficiencies and lower operating costs for our customers and a reduced carbon footprint for Mother Nature. 



Enservco was a pioneer in frac water heating technology and continues to lead the industry in innovations that reduce costs and drive efficiencies for our customers.  Former Enservco personnel developed the industry’s first dedicated frac water heater.  In addition, we were an early adopter of environmentally friendly bi-fuel systems that enable E&Ps to use the most convenient and economical gas source available.  We are differentiated by our patented OmniHeatTM True Dual Fuel System that allows customers to switch seamlessly between field gas and propane and to operate on two different types of fuel simultaneouslyThe system burns propane, NGLs, and Y-grade gases with field or natural gas.